Definitions & Terms

Avelyn suggested I create a page that will collect the various medieval terms that I stumble across in my research projects. A lot of these will relate to my leather dye experiments, but there will likely be others as I work on new items:

Curcuma - Turmeric

Foglietta - Italian liquid measurement. According to this source, equals about 450 ml.

Grains of Narprum - Likely another name for Buckthorn berries

Metadella - Another itallian measurement. Equal to two mezette.

Mezzette - Italian liquid measurement. Hard to nail down a period definition since measurements varied by city-state, so I am using a definition from a 19th century source that says a mezette =0.15 imperial gallons (or about 682 ml)

Quarti - Liquid measurement used in Italy. Again, going with a 19th century source that indicates a Quarti = 0.6625 litres

Pandius - A compound pigment that can vary in colour depending on the exact mixture of components

Raphanitis/Ireos flowers - Iris flowers

Roman Vitriol - Copper Sulphate, often used to kill roots in septic systems or to remove algae from ponds. Can be purchased from many hardware stores.

Verzino - A compound pigment used in a variety of dye recipes.

Walworte - Also referred to as elderberries.

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