Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Latest Updated Project List

So on the weekend Avelyn reminded me of a couple of projects I had promised her, so I'm updating my project list (completed items from previous list crossed out).

  1. Pouch for Avelyn to replace the one that got wrecked at Pennsic
  2. 3 prizes for rapier activities at Border Spat Was actually two
  3. 5-7 thank you gifts for Border Spat Was actually eight
  4. Figure out engineering and pattern for money-changer's pouch
  5. Look into late-period women's leather belts for THL Catherine Done May 30
  6. Re-strap Avelyn's leg armour to make the buckles more accessible
  7. Make sheath for Avelyn's Norse knife
  8. Replace Avelyn's favour (likely make a second more sturdy one for wearing in armour as well)
  9. Finish Avelyn's lamellar
  10. Make Lady Thora's rapier sheath Done July 22
  11. Start work on new leather leg pieces for Avelyn's new knee armour (priority will depend on how we do with updating the current legs)
  12. Add hip and back protection to Avelyn's armour belt Done July 22
  13. Figure out shoe pattern

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Researching - Money-Changer's Purse

With my major work finished for Border Spat, it's time to start thinking about what I want to work on next. I still have a request from Lady Thora for a rapier sheath, and have Avelyn's armour to work on but otherwise I'm done all my projects. So, while I work on crafting those, I can start my research for my next big project.

When I was first reading through Purses in Pieces, one of the pouches caught my attention. Not sure how practical it would be, but I thought it would make a really neat Kingdom A&S project.

I have to say I've never seen one in the SCA context or at any merchant, so that may tell me something. But, I'm nothing if not willing to take on stupid projects so I'm going to start looking into it.

It's a type of money-changer's purse so has multiple pockets for multiple types and denominations of currency. This particular style seems to have the various pouches hanging off a handle or stick (hence why they are also sometimes called stick purses). Here's a quote from Purses in Pieces describing the style:

"The other type has a stick handle, to which are attached four to six pouches, each with their pouchlets: a 'father purse'. All of the pouches and pouchlets were closed with a thong or strap according to the drawstring principle."

As a start, here's a painting of a money-changer with the type of purse I'm thinking of (Avarice, workshop of Abraham Bloemaert, c. 1625): http://www.photo.rmn.fr/LowRes2/TR1/Z9OZ4U/09-530024.jpg

Based on the images, it looks like the stick is also covered with braided or woven leather.

So, things I'll need to figure out:
  • Confirm the pouch style is period
  • What weight of leather should I use. Possibly different weights for different parts of the purse.
  • What colours? Will probably start out with whatever I have on hand that's the correct weight but for the final A&S entry I'll want to be more specific
  • How do I attach the purse(s) to the stick and/or each other
  • What are the proportions and sizes of the various components (stick, main pouch(s), pouchlets etc.)

Note: references and images found on http://www.larsdatter.com/pouches.htm, a really great resource for documentation.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Border Spat - The Big Reveal

Well, Border Spat has come and gone and after all of the late nights and hard work it appears to have been a resounding success.

All of my leatherwork projects were really well received.

The Challengers who were helping with the Dean prize fights seemed pleased and surprised with the pouches and marshal kits. I also gave some of my extra sword flex testers to His Majesty Edward the Red, His Excellency Giovanni (through Her Excellency) and to our Kingdom Rapier Marshal THL Lars. I also gave one to one of our newer fencers, Faustus, who won two of the three rounds of the rooftop tournament.

The red belt pouch (which I had originally started as part of my Kingdom A&S project), was won by a noble from Dragon Dormant for chivalrous behaviour during the Baronial Selection tourney. As an aside, Faustus also won a box of Peeps for the best death of the tourney.

The sword sheath, which received a fair bit of attention, was also won by another noble from Dragon Dormant for his victory in the first round of the rooftop tourney. Hopefully it will work with his sword, as the blunts the fencers from Dragon Dormant were using were a bit wider than ours.

All in all, a good day of fencing.

Now, to the pictures:

All of the projects for Border Spat

The pouch for chivalrous behaviour in the
Baronial Selection tourney
The pouches for the Challengers
Inside the pouches

Wide view of the sheath
Medium view of the sheath

Close up of the sheath

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Progress Update: Border Spat Projects

With less than two weeks to go until Border Spat, I am happy to report that all leatherworking tasks are now complete. YAY! I have to say when the number of projects started to creep up I was starting to question my sanity at trying to get this many projects done for one event. Hopefully the recipients will like them. It is kind of neat that my leatherworking projects will be scattering across North America after the event.

For the thank you gifts, all eight pouches are made. The extra rapier tips have arrived and we are mostly done assembling. A little bit more work to do sewing the one special item I'm including (thanks Avelyn for your help) and we'll be good to go. I may have to make a few extras though, when I showed Avelyn's design to Lars his eyes lit up.

For the prizes, the secret-ish prize for the winner of the rooftop mass-melee tournament is finished and looks pretty sharp if I do say so myself. I dyed the leather black and a nice saphire blue.

For the Baronial Selection Tournament, there's no winner per se because it's the war point tournament. But there is a prize for the "most inspirational" fencer (which could end up being best death, or bravest newcomer, or whatever Their Excellencies decide). I've finished off a pouch I had previously started rather than starting a new project from scratch. AllI had left to do was put a button on and a loop of leather to keep it closed. I think it will be a nice prize, particulary if the winner ends up being someone new.

I'll be bringing my pile of projects in to the Harrowgate Heath canton meeting this weekend for those that want to see them, and pictures will be posted after the event.

Tonight, I start the pre-cooking with Emelote so no rest for the wicked.!