Saturday, 14 November 2015

Plotting my next Kingdom A&S Project

Today is Queen's Prize Tourney, which over the past few years has become one of my favourite SCA events. Sadly this year, for the first time, I won't be there for variety of reasons. I'm hoping people are getting really good feedback and will be able to take those discussions and really up their skills as a result.

Since I'm not there, and since its going to be nicer out tomorrow for my outdoor chores, I thought I'd spend some time today plotting out my next Kingdom A&S project.

My very first Kingdom A&S was in November 2011, before A&S got bumped to the spring. It was hosted in Greyfells and Avelyn and I both went and entered for the first time since it was local. I'd only started doing leatherwork maybe a year prior and didn't really do much A&S wise. How times have changed. :)

Anyway, as has been my normal, the research into the project was pretty good but the execution was very much a beginner project. If you go to the very first few posts under my Kingdom A&S tag you'll see the progress reports on my original project. Here's the link to the photo post with the end result.

I think I've come up with a really neat idea, and when I've mentioned it to folks they seem to like it.

Here's the plan, would love to hear people's thoughts in the comments.

Since Skrael is hosting the event once again this spring, and it's basically going to be almost 5 years since my first Kingdom A&S, I've decided I'm going to redo my original project. But Dafydd, you say, that seems silly since you already made that pouch.

The difference here is that the pouch I made five years ago was super basic, with no ornamentation or detail at all. It was a true beginner project.

This time I'll still work off of examples in Purses in Pieces but otherwise only the general style of the pouch will be the same. I'm going to design a much more complex pattern, possibly with pouchlets, multiple leather colours (probably using my period dyes), better finishing details and some decoration. It'll basically be to show what I've learned in the past five years.