I've taught a number of SCA leatherworking classes over the years. Here are my class handouts in one place for download.

Intro to Leatherworking (PDF)

Leather was a commonly used material for all kinds of objects throughout the period studied in the SCA, and in most cultures. What that means is that, once you learn some basic leatherworking skills, it opens the door for you to make all kinds of useful and period-looking things. This class is meant to give you the basics on how to start making your own leather projects. We’ll use a belt pouch pattern as a starting point, so that you can practice the skills and end up with a useful project at the end. We’ll go over some of the materials you can use, how to choose the right materials, the basic tools and some nice to have ones as well. Then we’ll get started on the project. (Note: PDF handout above does not include patterns)

Adding colour to a drab leather world (PDF)

We often default to natural colors (various browns and tans) for leather goods if we want things to look “period”. However, there is significant evidence that medieval and Renaissance leatherworkers would have had a variety of colors to choose from. This class will discuss sources for period dye recipes and how they might have been used. You’ll be able to see some completed experiments with the dyes and take home copies of some recipes to try at home (both the original text and redacted versions).

Going from a 2D Image to a 3D Object (PDF)

Sadly, for those of us who don’t live in Europe, we don’t often get to study the original artifacts we want to re-create in person.This class explores what to look for when you are trying to create a pattern for a 3D object when all you have is a picture to go by. You need to be part detective and part experimental archaeologist.

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