Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Red dye test sorta, kinda worked... a bit

I got some really strange results from my first attempt at getting the read dye to work. I definitely got some red, but not what I was expecting and not sure how to fix it.

I followed the instructions, or at least my interpretation of the instructions, and got a red liquid with some sediment on the bottom.

I let it cool until it was a bit warm (as per the directions) and then painted both sides of a piece of leather (as per the directions) that I had cleaned with my standard deglazing liquid (basically rubbing alcohol I suspect).

This is where it got strange. The dye just made the leather wet, with no sign of tinting, but as it dried, a bit of a red blotch formed on part of the leather (I think where the leather was in contact with the surface it was resting on.

The blotch is on both sides of the leather, but everywhere else is just the regular tan colour of the leather.

I tried applying more layers the next day but it didn't make any difference (possibly because the mixture had cooled and sat too long?). No matter how many layers I applied after the first one, the only change I got was around the raw cut edges of the leather, where it got a bit of a dark brownish red.

The good news is the red blotch seems to be very much fixed, it doesn't rub off and the liquid didn't seem to affect it, so if I can figure out why the first layer acted the way it did this could work really well.

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