Monday, 27 February 2012

Pictures - Leather Carving

So, I finally got around to taking pictures of both my completed project from my leather carving class. I also did some dyeing work over the weekend on my Ealdormere populace badge. Here's the pictures:

First,the finished luggage tag we made for the carving class. As mentioned I'm not entirely happy with it but it was a good learning project:

Next we have my Ealdormere populace badge, which I did up spontaneously just to work on my carving skills. It's a modified version of the graphic that can be found on the Ealdormere site at:

I'll keep working on it since its a design that I can use for pouches and such. I tried a bit of a more advanced technique on the red wolf to get a bit of a funky pattern to it, thought it looked kind of neat instead of just having it solid red. Helps show off some of the detail too.

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