Thursday, 2 February 2012

Leather Carving Class - Day 3

Another good class today! We were working mainly with the pear shader and the beveler today.

So, we actually are pretty far ahead of the normal schedule for the class, either because we're picking up on things quickly or at least not getting confused. By the end of this class, we had completely finished carving the back piece of our luggage tag that we are making. And, even better, mine actually looks like its supposed to. I

The teacher showed us how to walk the pear shader to "shade" and area by compressing the leather. It essentially pushes the area down so the leather looks darker. You have to "walk" it so that you have a smooth line, rather than a bunch of oval shaped depressed areas. We then used the beveler to put perspective into the  image so that some elements look like they are in front of others.

I think that's all we were supposed to get done, but we were so far ahead we also applied the background tool to the image, which really made the image pop off the leather. We also put in some artistic cuts so that when we do the dyeing it adds some different character to the colour. All that's left to do is dyeing the leather, which we do on the last day.

It's funny, because over the course of the class we all kept commenting about how all of our projects looked like a mess and we couldn't really see what it was supposed to look like. Then, all of a sudden, once we started beveling and using the background tool the image just jumped out. It's really neat, and just shows that you can't tell how its going to turn out until you put the final touches in.

'll try to take a picture and post it this weekend of the project so far.

For homework, we have to trace out the patterns for the front of the tag, and the strap. Next class we will do all the carving for those two pieces so that all we have left is dying and assembly.

**(Note to self for future reference, bevel on the outside of the line to make the object look like its in the front, inside the line to drop the object to the background).

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