Saturday, 3 March 2012

Re-supply run and new projects on the horizon

So I braved the 90 km/h wind gusts today to make a re-supply run to Zeli's. I replaced my solvent-based Fiebing's dyes with water based ones now that I know the difference. I now have a nice variety of colours of the water based dyes, and of course they have the advantage of being mixable, so I can make a variety of other colours as well. I also picked up some leather lace for decorative stitching  (including some lace that can be dyed in case I want other colours), some pouch closure clasps, some lacing needles and a book on stitching and lacing techniques so I can try to learn some additional decorative stitches.

The flurry of activity is because I'm going to be the Rapier Marshal in Charge for our upcoming Border Spat event in Cornwall (May 12th), and I was thinking of making some prizes for the winners of the tournaments. I haven't decided yet on what to make, but I have a number of ideas from some of my project books. Avelyn also suggested I could make a nice leather sheath for a rapier, like I did for the Baronial champion when I stepped down. It would need to be something fairly practical, since I don't know who will win it, and the colours and any carving would need to be something that doesn't scream Skraeling Althing.

This afternoon I think I'll go down to the basement and start working on what I want to make. I'll need at least two prizes, probably three. I also need to talk to Jocelyn to see if she was planning any thank you gifts for the high ranking fencers that are travelling to come to the event for the Academy of Defence bouts. That would add some additional work possibly.

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