Monday, 26 March 2012

Kingdom A&S - What was lost is now found

Kingdom A&S was in November. I submitted a leather belt pouch and had two judges go over it with me. We had good conversations, so I certainly had most of the information from those chats. But I was looking forward to getting the written judging forms so I could see if they had any other suggestions or comments.

I waited..and waited...and waited. Avelyn contacted the A&S Minister early in the new year when neither one of us recieved our forms. We waited some more. Avelyn's forms showed up via the Baronial courier service (someone else had gotten them and given them to Her Excellency Lucia to pass on). Mine were still missing.

Finally, this past weekend at Late Winter Shoot (on March 24th) the forms appeared. They had been sent to Master Dafydd in Petrea Thule. Looks like the A&S Minister just assumed there was only one person with that name and didn't bother cross checking addresses (I think the same thing happened with Avelyn's forms).

Anyway, what makes me really happy is that both of my judges gave me 5/5 for my research. Given that I completely started over and re-did the pouch when I couldn't find documentation to support the design, this makes me really happy. I knew the craftsmanship wasn't great but I put a lot of effort into making it as accurate as possible, and in documenting the design.

Overall, the scores were OK, and I think I could do much better just by applying a few of the judges' suggestions on the detail-work (cleaner finished edges etc). I also knew the design was really simple, so the scores for the complexity of the project could have been higher too. Add in some more ornamentation or some carved leather and suddenly it could be a really nice pouch.

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