Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Progress Update: Border Spat Projects

With less than two weeks to go until Border Spat, I am happy to report that all leatherworking tasks are now complete. YAY! I have to say when the number of projects started to creep up I was starting to question my sanity at trying to get this many projects done for one event. Hopefully the recipients will like them. It is kind of neat that my leatherworking projects will be scattering across North America after the event.

For the thank you gifts, all eight pouches are made. The extra rapier tips have arrived and we are mostly done assembling. A little bit more work to do sewing the one special item I'm including (thanks Avelyn for your help) and we'll be good to go. I may have to make a few extras though, when I showed Avelyn's design to Lars his eyes lit up.

For the prizes, the secret-ish prize for the winner of the rooftop mass-melee tournament is finished and looks pretty sharp if I do say so myself. I dyed the leather black and a nice saphire blue.

For the Baronial Selection Tournament, there's no winner per se because it's the war point tournament. But there is a prize for the "most inspirational" fencer (which could end up being best death, or bravest newcomer, or whatever Their Excellencies decide). I've finished off a pouch I had previously started rather than starting a new project from scratch. AllI had left to do was put a button on and a loop of leather to keep it closed. I think it will be a nice prize, particulary if the winner ends up being someone new.

I'll be bringing my pile of projects in to the Harrowgate Heath canton meeting this weekend for those that want to see them, and pictures will be posted after the event.

Tonight, I start the pre-cooking with Emelote so no rest for the wicked.!

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