Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Latest Updated Project List

So on the weekend Avelyn reminded me of a couple of projects I had promised her, so I'm updating my project list (completed items from previous list crossed out).

  1. Pouch for Avelyn to replace the one that got wrecked at Pennsic
  2. 3 prizes for rapier activities at Border Spat Was actually two
  3. 5-7 thank you gifts for Border Spat Was actually eight
  4. Figure out engineering and pattern for money-changer's pouch
  5. Look into late-period women's leather belts for THL Catherine Done May 30
  6. Re-strap Avelyn's leg armour to make the buckles more accessible
  7. Make sheath for Avelyn's Norse knife
  8. Replace Avelyn's favour (likely make a second more sturdy one for wearing in armour as well)
  9. Finish Avelyn's lamellar
  10. Make Lady Thora's rapier sheath Done July 22
  11. Start work on new leather leg pieces for Avelyn's new knee armour (priority will depend on how we do with updating the current legs)
  12. Add hip and back protection to Avelyn's armour belt Done July 22
  13. Figure out shoe pattern

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