Sunday, 13 May 2012

Border Spat - The Big Reveal

Well, Border Spat has come and gone and after all of the late nights and hard work it appears to have been a resounding success.

All of my leatherwork projects were really well received.

The Challengers who were helping with the Dean prize fights seemed pleased and surprised with the pouches and marshal kits. I also gave some of my extra sword flex testers to His Majesty Edward the Red, His Excellency Giovanni (through Her Excellency) and to our Kingdom Rapier Marshal THL Lars. I also gave one to one of our newer fencers, Faustus, who won two of the three rounds of the rooftop tournament.

The red belt pouch (which I had originally started as part of my Kingdom A&S project), was won by a noble from Dragon Dormant for chivalrous behaviour during the Baronial Selection tourney. As an aside, Faustus also won a box of Peeps for the best death of the tourney.

The sword sheath, which received a fair bit of attention, was also won by another noble from Dragon Dormant for his victory in the first round of the rooftop tourney. Hopefully it will work with his sword, as the blunts the fencers from Dragon Dormant were using were a bit wider than ours.

All in all, a good day of fencing.

Now, to the pictures:

All of the projects for Border Spat

The pouch for chivalrous behaviour in the
Baronial Selection tourney
The pouches for the Challengers
Inside the pouches

Wide view of the sheath
Medium view of the sheath

Close up of the sheath

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