Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Update - Kingdom A&S Project

Alas, it would appear the chances of having the time to do a project and supporting research for Kingdom A&S are slim to none at this point.

Real life has bitten me in the ass, and the past week + has been a write off. Given that I'm just starting work on building the site for the event (mock-ups sent to the Autocrat for review) and I have two issues of the Chronicle due between now and then (next issue is in a couple of weeks and another one would be do either for Kingdom A&S or Feast of the Hare), it's not looking promissing.

I did do some research into what project I might be able to do, but creating something specifically for entry at Kingdom A&S isn't a project you want to half-ass.

I suppose I'll wait and see how things go with the various projects, but my hopes are slim.

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