Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Kingdom A&S - To Enter or Not to Enter?

So Kingdom A&S is coming up in November and is being hosted by our Barony (I'm actually working on the web site for the event as we speak).

I don't really have any projects underway other than my shoes, which isn't at a stage where I would be entering it into any sort of A&S competition. I haven't entered anything into a competition before, mainly because I don't really care for the judging etc, but I could probably use some constructive input on some of my work to give me an idea of what to work on.

I have tons of research from our trip to the UK, with lots of pictures of leather artifacts we found at the various museums, so there's no shortage of projects I could do. I also have lots of pouch patterns, plus my new books with patterns and historical information. It just comes down to time and desire I guess.

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