Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Leather - Hmm, what to make of it

Well, it's been kind of a crappy week around here. Haven't really had any time to work on leather projects as I had hoped to do while everyone was at Pennsic, but we did get to visit a friend in Hamilton on the weekend. While we were there, we made a pit-stop at her Laurel's leather shop (Tundra Leather in Hamilton) and picked up some new leather. It's always nice to stop in at new leatherworking shops, although I can never seem to leave without buying more stuff. (This time it wasn't my fault,  Avelyn was enabling my hobby).

The first piece is a really nice Ealdormere red, full skin (about 40 sq ft), about 4.5 ounces. We discussed it and it would be good for pouches, shoes etc. Avelyn got really excited by the idea of making shoes with it. :) If only I could figure out how to make them.

The second piece is about 14 sq ft and probably 2-3 once in a really nice plum colour. Could make a nice pouch, maybe parti-colour if I can find some leather than has the same weight to it.

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