Friday, 7 February 2014

Project planning - What's next

Mistress AElfwyn asked me this week what my next project was going to be. I've been working on the stick-purse for so long (and then adding in the leather dyes as a side project) I haven't really thought much about what I wanted to learn/do next.

She wasn't asking about my miscellaneous functional type projects that are always on the go (carving award badges, Avelyn's armour etc.), but rather those in depth kind of projects that present a real challenge.

I figure the leather dyes are going to be an ongoing area of work, between testing other recipes, improving my methods and figuring out how to finish the leather so the dye doesn't rub off. I'm also going to do some work developing my research into a class for next year's Practicum (and maybe at other events - we'll see).

The stick-purse will continue post A&S since it won't be ready by March. I'll probably enter it if there's a QPT in the fall this year and then enter it officially in Kingdom A&S next year (depending on where it is in the Kingdom).

I was thinking of taking another attempt at making shoes. I'm kind of tired of wearing my modern black shoes at events (at least when I'm not fencing), and I know if I can figure it out there would be a few people who would be happy to have some as well (cough cough Avelyn, Emelote cough cough).

There was also those funky leather framed late-period glasses that I found a picture of. Probably not a huge challenge but it fits into my bizarre project theme. Plus, it would be neat to have actual period glasses at events. :)

Of course, the other option would be to finally use the leather that Avelyn bought me as a wedding present to make my leather jerkin based on the Museum of London artifact we saw at the museum. This might even make a good White Wolf Fian project!

Or, as has happened before, I could just stumble on a picture of something strange, like say this, and decide I just have to make it.

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