Sunday, 23 February 2014

Practicum Wrap-up

Yesterday was Practicum in Caldrithig (Ottawa). This is a bit of a unique event up in or end of the Kingdom because its entirely focused on classes and learning (mostly related to A&S). Most of the day isn't even in garb, although a lot of people wear it anyway so they don't have to change before court.

Lots happened during the day.

First, I was able to present the item I had promised Her Majesty to be included in Their gift basket for Gulf Wars next month. She was coming up for Practicum so I wanted to get it done as it would probably be the last event I'll be at before They head down south. The recipient of our gift basket this year is Trimaris. I won't be posting any details or pictures until after the event as I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I hope they'll like it. Stay tuned in a few weeks as I took lots of pictures over the past couple of weeks as I worked on it.

I also officially came full circle at Practicum this year. It was about 5ish years ago at Practicum that I took my very first leatherworking class taught by Baron Tiberius. Yesterday, I taught my first A&S class at an event, which was of course an intro to leatherworking class. I had four people, and we spent about two hours going over leather basics and working on a leather pouch. Hopefully they enjoyed the class and with any luck I'll have gotten some of them interested in leatherworking at least as well as Tiberius did with me.

I was able to take a few classes about armouring and SCA fighting being taught by Mistress AElfwyn to help me get a bit more of a background in that area now that I'm starting to go to practices and such.

The other "big" news from Practicum is that I was chosen by Baronial Council as our new Baronial A&S Minister. I have some ideas for some things I'd like to do, so I'll probably do a bit of a post about my plans in the next few days. I'll give you a hint though and say that social media will be involved. :)

All in all a pretty full day.

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