Friday, 22 November 2013

Workplan for Spring A&S - Stick-purse

Part two of my work planning posts, this one is for my stick-purse project which has been somewhat on hold while I figure out the leather dyes. That hold needs to get lifted because this is the project I'm really wanting to get ready for Spring A&S since I've been researching and engineering it for over two years.

Fortunately my research and documentation is mostly done (at least as far as I can get it until I'm done with my assembly), so I just have to get my act together and get the darn thing made.

Get linen thread (done) and experiment with it
Buy slightly longer nails (done)
Re-do test run of the braided handle with thinner strips and using period dyes (done)

Figure out the leather braided knot that needs to go on the end of the handle
Start cutting out the leather pieces (very carefully):

  • Strap for top knot
  • Handle cover and weaving strap for handle
  • Four pouch bodies
  • Four pouch bases
  • Four pouchlets
  • Four large drawstrings
  • Four pouchlet drawstrings
  • Possibly trim for tops of main pouches (to clean up the edges)

Dye the draw strings, handle and pouchlet pieces and potentially the trim pieces

Assembly of the four pouches (big chunk of work here)

Assemble braided handle cover
Attach completed pouches to handle
Attach braided knot to top of handle

Finalize documentation

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