Saturday, 18 July 2015

Updating the workplan

I haven't done a work planning post since January so I thought mid-summer was a good time to re-evaluate my projects and make sure I have a list of things I want to get done. I'm not making much progress I'm afraid.

This list below is copied from my last post in January. I'll strike through on stuff I've done and add in new postings in bold. List is in no particular order:

Personal A&S Stuff
  1. Finally finish the stick-purse (potentially for A&S in April)
  2. Finish developing and teach my class on period leather dyes (submitted for Practicum in February)
  3. Publish my leather dye research and experiments more formally online so people can access it for their own research and use
  4. Decide on next major project for future QPT/A&S and start planning (possibly leather filigree work based on the period Islamic book covers we saw at the Chester Beattie Library - maybe as a scroll blank?)
  5. Do groundwork research on possible Pent theme to see if its feasible (does it hit the right categories etc.) Update: It's doable but I'd need to learn woodworking, metal casting and probably a few other things so seems unlikely anytime soon.
  6. Get the helm padded and strapped, and finish modifying my kit so I can finally start working towards getting my armoured combat authorization
  7. Get Avelyn's leg armour back in shape so she can get back on the field
  8. Finally make some banners or pennants or something for events.
  9. Make garb
  10. Continue uploading my UK artifact pics on Pinterest for people to see (still several thousand pics to go). Update: Still lots to go but have a few dozen posted.
  11. Try to find a blue leather dye recipe that works (in the summer when I can work in the garage and vent it properly) Update: Recipe selected, just have to try it out.
  12. Make a pouch with a kraken design on it
  13. Make a rainbow badge for Maggie :) Update: Badge design done, just need to do the tooling and such.
  14. Figure out orange leather dye recipe and dye leather for Giovanni so he can do the vigil book for Catherine
  15. Make rapier sheath as prize for Emelote's fundraiser
  16. Make Herald's binder for Barony as per Her Excellency's request
  17. Make sheath for Constance's snips
  18. Make axe covers for Christiana
  19. See if I can get any other interesting leather dye colours (purple maybe?) to work 

MOAS Stuff
  1. More consistently get the Twitter account going and do up a plan to promote it.
  2. Investigate idea of setting up group "research days" at local university libraries.
  3. Continue to add pictures of people's work to Pinterest

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