Saturday, 5 April 2014

General A&S To-Do List

So many ideas and projects floating around, I'm updating my list of things to work on so I can keep track. Some of these have been on the list for a loooooong time. :) These are not listed in any particular order.

  1. Replace Avelyn's favour (likely make a second more sturdy one for wearing in armour as well)
  2. Develop carving pattern for my heraldry and badge
  3. Figure out how to fix Avelyn's armour/finish new lamellar or alternative
  4. Start work on designing new leather leg pieces for Avelyn's new knee armour
  5. Do "commissioned" children's archery glove for Eluned
  6. Do "commissioned" belt favour (with award badges) for Robert the Blue
  7. Figure out shoe pattern
  8. Start research for leather tooling project
  9. Start research for survey of period belt hardware (buckles etc)
  10. Finish stick-purse
  11. Try blue dye recipe from Plictho using lye 
  12. Develop period leather dye class for next Practicum
  13. Follow-up with Dragon Dormant about possible leatherworking class interest
  14. Fix Avelyn's boots
  15. Make silk personal and household banners for camping season

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