Saturday, 6 July 2013

Another stick-purse mock-up (with pictures)

Today I did a run to Zeli's to pick up some waxed linen thread, some glover's needles and other miscelaneous equipment so I could do my next version of the stick-purse.

Improvements I wanted to make this time were a more accurate pattern for the pouchlet, plus trying the linen thread that I'll be using for the final pouch so that I can figure out any of the particularities of the material.

As a reminder, here is the stick-purse from the Fries Museum that I am trying to reproduce.

And here are pictures of today's mock-up. I don't think I can get much closer as far as the actual pattern goes. It's pretty bang on.


  1. Looking good! I can't see too well on the museum piece, but the stitching looks very close together. Will you be trying to get your stitching closer to that?

    How did you find working with the waxed linen?

    1. The waxed linen wasn't too bad. It's a bit thicker than the artificial sinew I usually use, so I had to use a bigger needle than usual, but otherwise its not much different.

      Yeah, for the final pouch I'll be trying to use as small a stitch as I can for the pouchlet, Not sure my skill is up to how tiny the stitches are on the original, but I'll do my best. :)