Saturday, 18 August 2012

New leather has arrived

I took a chance and ordered some new leather from Tandy online. I don't usually like to order leather that way - I prefer to actually pick it out myself so I can see any problems before buying. But our local leather store doesn't have what I was looking for and Tandy was selling it off. They aren't going to carry it any more for some reason so I decided to buy a couple of pieces while I still could.

The leather I got is 2-3 oz veg tan goat. My theory was that the goat would be much softer for my stick-purse. Zeli's does have 3-4 oz cow but it was a bit stiff, so I was hoping the goat would work better. Since its veg tan it should still take dye well and could even be tooled in theory.

Boy was I right. It just came in on Friday (it was ordered on Thursday so that's crazy fast). It's super soft, and as long as it takes the dye well it's going to make a really nice project. They only had one piece left after filling my order so I'm tempted to get the last piece too.

The sad part is I'm going to get spoiled working with this stuff and then I won't be able to get it any more. I wonder if I asked for it if Zeli's could find some?

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