Thursday, 7 June 2012

Research Links - Money Changer's Stick-Purse

This is a link dump of URLs for paintings, woodcuts and other illustrations of the stick-purse for ease of printing later. Some may go a bit later than period but I'll pick and choose what I use once I'm pulling together my documentation. A lot of these sources will likely be similar to those that Mistress Elizabeth has used for her class notes.

1) Vanitas Still Life
Edwaert Collier

Post-period (dated 1662)

2) The Rich Man from the Parable (Moneychanger)
Post-Period (dated 1627)

3) The Moneylender
Gerrit Dou
Post-Period (1664) or

4) The Miser
Hendrick Gerritsz Pot
Post Period (1640's)

5) Old woman with a candle
Matthias Stomer
Post Period (1640's)

6) The Moneychanger and His Wife
Marinus van Reymerswale
In-Period (1539)

7) The Banker and his Wife
Marinus van Reymerswale
In-Period (1500's) or

8) Beware of Luxury
Jan Steen
Post-Period (1665)

9) Avarice
Workshop of Abraham Bloemaert
Post-Period (1625) (engraving) or

10) Woodcuts & Pictures of Extant Examples
Goubitz reproduces woodcuts from Brugel and Amman in Purses in Pieces but I am still looking for links. He also has pictures of the two remaining examples of the purses, found in the Neatherlands.
In-Period (1500's)

Update: Dec 2012

11) Backgammon spelend paar,
Jacob Matham
In Period (1600)

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