Monday, 18 July 2011

My Library

I've started gathering a number of leatherworking books to hopefully help me with my projects. Some of them are SCA specific (Complete Anachronist issues on specific types of projects) but a number of them are historical research books, or just general leatherworking titles.

Here's some of the titles:

Museum of London Highlights (pics of leather artifacts in the collection)
Coloring Leather by Al Strohlman
Stepping Through Time by Olaf Goubitz (drool-worthy book on historical shoes, with many illustrations)
Purses in Pieces by Olaf Goubitz (similar to Stepping through Time, but for purses and pouches from 16th century Neatherlands)
Shoes and Pattens by Francis Grew  and Margrethe de Neergaard
The Art and Craft of Leather by Maria Teresa Llado i Riba

Plus Complete Anachronists on making gloves and turnshoes, as well as two beginner leatherworking issues with objects like boxes, drinking vessels etc. (don't have the issues handy at the moment to list them).

We've started logging all of our SCA related books into a social media tool called LibraryThing. We're up to over 200 books so far. I've tagged leather related books with the tag leatherwork. You can see our library at

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